Family business since 1982 with a long history of success in different industrial fields including metal packaging. We started metal packaging in a vertical expansion strategy.

1982 – 2000

Our Business started with EGYCOL as the only local producers of adhesives in EGYPT with know how franchise RABO Italy.

EGYCOL was growing over the years in production volumes but was facing a shortage in tin can packaging supplies.

Our first metal packaging approach was done in 1987 as vertical integration for EGYCOL, we developed our Three piece cans plant to provide EGYCOL with its shortage of cans supplies and expanded in few years to cover 100% of EGYCOL consumption.


2000 – 2004

During the privatization process that started in Egypt in the late 90’s, among many other public companies, SABI (specialized in producing metal closures) was out for bidding to the private sector.

Having over more than ten years experience in metal printing and metal packaging, we were interested to take the challenge of acquiring and renovating this facility and integrating a variety of metal packaging plants under the same industrial compound LINCO.

2004 – Present

EGYCAP was established in 2004 and has since expanded four times its original capacity.

EGYCAP is specialized in manufacturing Twist-Off caps and it is the leading producer in Egypt.


Vacuum holding metal lug caps that are applied on threaded glass containers (jars and bottles). They are commonly used for packaging food products such as juice, jam, tomato paste, ketchup, mayonnaise, etc…